living roots ranch

Our Ranch

We are pleased to invite you at our horse ranch, located just in few minutes away Sighnaghi in a scenic village Qedeli. You will be able to enjoy horse riding along picturesque and rural villages, forests and vineyards with spectacular views of Alazani Valley and Sighnaghi. We currently have 10 adult horses with western type saddles making sure that riding is comfortable and easy.
Picnics and wine tastings can be organized at a charming setting due to prior reservation
Our horse ranch can be used as a venue for different activities such as team building, photo shooting; Weddings and corporate events.

The prices include a guide:
35 GEL- 1 hour
60 GEL- 2 hours
85 GEL- 3 hours
Longer trips can be custom created for you as well.
For more details please contact us: