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Wine Tourism Association

WTA was founded by Elene Bukhaidze and Levan Chubinidze, it is non commercial legal entity which is directed to support wine tourism development in Georgia. Together with WTA Living Roots cooperates in improvement of sustainable tourism.

Pheasant’s Tears Winery

Pheasant’s Tears was founded by John Wurdeman and Gela Patalishvili in 2007, focusing on making unabashedly authentic Georgian wines. Wines are made in the traditional clay jars called qvevri. Qvevri are buried under the ground and lined with beeswax, the same way as 8,000 years ago. Pheasant’s Tears uses only Georgian endemic varieties, of which there are 525. The grapes are farmed naturally, without any chemicals used in the vineyards or cellars. Pheasant’s Tears also offers tours in own vineyard. The Pheasant’s Tears Wine Bar & Restaurant hosts our guests for cooking classes and feasts where ancient recipes and new innovations are served.

Ghvino Underground

Ghvino Underground is a Tbilisi natural wine bar, the first of its kind in Georgia, founded by a group of natural and artisanal winemakers.  Here you can taste wines from all over Georgia, as well as some of the greatest natural wines of other European producers, served with home-made breads, cheeses and dipping oils, in an original 19th century wine cellar.


Azarphesha natural wine restaurant combines an expansive selection of natural wine from Georgia and around the world with original and creative food prepared from the freshest local and seasonal ingredients. This is all served in a high-class urban interior, decorated with antique photos and antique Georgian drinking vessels that span 5 millennia. This is one of the many creative projects of John Wurdeman, Luarsab Togonidze and Nino Mamulashvili.


Poliphonia is a natural wine restaurant serving wild, seasonal, and local ingredients, with a rapidly changing compact menu that consists of two components; rediscovering lost dishes from rare rural parts of Georgia, creating new modern dishes from local and seasonal ingredients that dovetail with our all natural wine list.  We believe tradition is valuable both for its deep roots as well as its creativity and forward thinking.  Just as the overtones created  in polyphonic singing can give you hair raising excitement, we try to reach that tension in the wines and cuisine served to you in our creative and informal dining rooms.


The men’s folk and chant ensemble Didgori was founded in 2003 under the leadership of Mr. Levan Tsitaishvili.
The name Didgori honors the historical battle in 1121 that helped reunite Georgia and ushered in a period of growth in arts and culture. 
The Didgori ensemble is dedicated to the research and performance of Georgian folk songs and chant, a project that is aided by study of source recordings from the beginning of the 20th century. Members of the ensemble feel humbled to carry the name Didgori, symbolizing such a distinguished moment in Georgian history. They aspire to continue contributing to Georgian cultural preservation.
The ensemble members wish to dedicate themselves to the traditions of their ancestors through mastery and popularization of Georgian folk songs and chants, and hope that their efforts will inspire future generations.

Ensembles Zedashe & Zlekha

These ensembles are based in Sighnaghi, Georgia, the Living Roots Family’s base outside of Tbilisi.  Zedashe was founded 15 years ago by Ketevan Mindorashvili, John Wurdeman’s wife, with the intention to collect, learn, perform and teach Georgian songs, instruments and dance.  Zedashe hosts workshops at home and abroad as well as a music school for local children. At traditional feasts they often lend their voices, and open to the guests a truly beautiful world. Zlekha is Zedashe’s sister group which focuses on dances and performs at home and abroad, dazzling audiences with the fiery interpretations of village dances.


A revival folk music ensemble led by legendary singer and folk lore artist, Malkhaz Erkvanidze, this dynamic choir performs authentic folk songs and chants from all regions of Georgia.  One of the leading groups in authentic polyphonic performances.