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At Living Roots we pride ourselves on hosting guests from all walks of life. Whatever your expectations for your visit to Georgia, we will do our best to make sure your unique desires are met. Our speciality is in gastronomical tours of Georgia, exploring the country’s wine and food cultures, but our experience runs far further than that. We can take you on journeys through untouched wilderness, into ancient ruins and monasteries, to the people spinning wool and weaving songs in styles rooted in ancient times.

We constantly create custom tours for groups ranging from architects to students of political science, from singers exploring polyphony, to wine professionals seeking hands on experience. Please don’t be restrained, tell us how we can tailor your experience and host you best.


Wine and Culinary Tours

Our speciality at Living Roots, Wine and Food tours of Georgia offer the chance to taste one of the world’s oldest and richest food cultures. Our tours will give you an authentic glimpse into the breadth of Georgia’s foodways. From ancient winemaking monestaries to the darling wineries of Europe’s gastronomical scene you will taste wines that blend tradition, innovation, and individuality perfectly. In village homes and leading edge urban restaurants you will see how a nation of farmers has grown a beautiful and complex food culture, and given rise to a new exciting generation of chefs.




Other Tours



Georgia, is nestled along the young, and still actively growing, Caucasus mountains. Ranging from sea level to 5,100m elevation, this tiny country is staggeringly diverse. Lush valleys and deserts, snow capped peaks and lazy river bends are all mere moments from each other. Fully one fifth of Georgia is preserved in its national park system. We welcome you to explore this incredible piece of nature with us. From light hikes to whitewater rafting, relaxing horseback rides to heleskiing atop Georgia’s greatest peaks, we can integrate Georgia’s stunning nature into the experience you most desire.





Georgia’s cultural roots stretch to the beginning of recorded history. Its rich, multifaceted culture has been forged by time and invasion, thriving and evolving to this day. A culture of feasting and art, Georgian music, food, wine, and spirituality are deeply interconnected. We invite all our guests to live Georgian culture, from ancient churches to wild folk dances, Georgia’s countless religious influences and celebrations of natural beauty. In every aspect of Georgian culture our visitors find something living and vibrant yet tied to the ancient.





While Georgia is more rich and culturally diverse than our guests often expect, we are often asked to help facilitate tours around the wider region. Using our own personal experience as well as local partners in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran, and Turkey we would happily help your visit to Georgia include a broader experience of the global crossroads that is the South Caucasus.



Below are some examples of the activities we offer according to the season and your own interests.




Wine and Gastronomy:

  • Herb foraging in Kakheti, April and May
  • Folk cuisine and cooking classes across Georgia
  • Mushroom foraging in Imereti, September
  • Exploring Tbilisi’s dining boom, tasting cutting edge dining, street food, rare local wines and organic products
  • Polyphony and Wine, taking in one of the world’s most unique folk music traditions at the feast settings to which they are best suited
  • Vineyard tours across Georgia’s varied regions and terroirs
  • Seasonal Harvesting, picking grapes, citrus, and berries with local farmers
  • Cheese making, learning one of Georgia’s most ancient culinary arts
  • Bread Baking, making bread under the guidance of a master baker



Arts and crafts:

  • Ceramic, seeing how clay is used in Georgia, making ceramics ranging from the decorative to the intensely practical
  • Rugs & Kilims & Felt, celebrating the art and artisans of Georgia’s ancient weaving tradition
  • Wick-work, watching home producers weave beauty into functionality



Adventurous Discoveries:

  • Hiking and trekking in highland ranges and lowland deserts
  • Horseback tours across stunning scenery
  • Rafting along the rivers that have shaped and divided Georgia
  • Rock climbing in the Caucasus (from beginners to expert level)
  • Mountaineering, summiting the tallest peaks in Europe
  • Ski tours, because what’s a mountain if you can’t ski down it




For those who live in Georgia, or want to continue their global journeys with us, we offer tours to the wine regions of Europe. We can open unexpected doors and bottles for you in trips tailored to your interests