Unveiling Georgia: A Timeless Journey of Discovery

Georgia is a country where ancient history meets contemporary vibrancy. With a past that stretches back to antiquity, it has weathered invasions, witnessed periods of great power, and persevered through the shadow of Soviet occupation. Georgia’s journey from its ancient roots to its current renaissance is a compelling narrative of resilience and renewal, making it a land of enduring charm and endless exploration.

Nested between the two ranges in the heart of the Caucasus, lies a land of untamed beauty, a place where the ancient legends meet the wild, rugged and varying landscapes from dramatic semi-desserts to the majestic snow-capped peaks. For those who seek adventure, our country provides a tapestry of discovery, with each region unveiling a new chapter in your journey.

Amidst its diverse landscapes, you’ll discover remote villages preserving centuries-old customs and iconic stone towers that whisper tales of a bygone era. But Georgia’s wealth isn’t limited to its history and traditions. In every corner of this multifaceted land, you’ll encounter a living, breathing testament to Georgia’s cultural dynamism, where the past and the present harmoniously coexist.

Discover Georgia Through People

Here are just a few of the remarkable individuals you’ll encounter, the very people who offer a genuine glimpse into Georgian culture. From our dedicated tour managers and skilled drivers to knowledgeable guides and passionate winemakers, from talented home cooks and creative chefs to skilled craftsmen, hardworking farmers, and polyphonic singers, each one is a shining gem. It’s these shared moments and genuine connections that truly stand out, making them the most cherished highlight of your journey.


Georgia is our home and we are passionate about every corner of our country. We strive to introduce our guests to Georgia’s powerful living culture that embodies an extraordinary variety of people, traditions & places. We reveal the heart and soul of the world’s most ancient wine region that is rich in culture, cuisine, music & history.

We pride ourselves on hosting guests from all walks of life, letting them experience some of the most beautiful and remote places on Earth in unique ways, staying in villages that benefit directly from your presence. These award-winning, sustainable holidays offer unforgettable experiences & new discoveries.