Nature and Adventure

Georgia of antiquity was known as the lands of Colchis, the west, and Iberia, the east. The Georgians themselves have always referred to their country as Sakartvelo, which translates as the land of the Kartvelians, the people of Central Georgia. Georgia sits on the south slopes of the greater Caucasus, stretching between the Black and Caspian seas. It is the keystone of the borderlands between Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. With its towering Caucasus ranges in the north, its fertile valleys in the east, southern semi-deserts and steppes, and its tropical black sea coast, Georgia is home to a remarkable natural diversity. Roughly the size of Holland or West Virginia, this tiny country is staggeringly diverse, hosting a wide range of climates, flora, fauna, and agricultural practice. Lush valleys and deserts, snow capped peaks and lazy river bends are all mere moments from each other. Fully one fifth of Georgia is preserved in its national park system. We welcome you to explore this incredible piece of nature with us. From light hikes to whitewater rafting, relaxing horseback rides to heli skiing atop Georgia’s greatest peaks, we can integrate Georgia’s stunning nature into the experience you most desire.

Into the wild

Georgian cuisine is as fascinating and layered as its history. Undoubtedly the cultures that traded and battled with Georgia left their influence on the cuisine that mingled with Georgia’s very own unique culinary arts. Georgian cuisine and Lost Ridge seasonal menu is dominated by food prepared with love from the finest and natural local ingredients. Inspired by traditional culinary spirit of Georgia, the Lost Ridge offers a modern perspective for the exploration of Georgia’s vivid gastronomic world.

Our handcrafted ales complement The Fire Kitchen’s menu of local specialties, prepared with seasonal ingredients and in an open outdoor kitchen. Our main menu changes seasonally as we play with ingredients harvested from private farms and small local producers found in the village markets of the amazingly agriculturally rich region of Kakheti. We also love experimenting and creating traditional or special menus for your special events or group visits.
We operate daily from 11:00 – 20:00; Special operation hours are possible for group bookings and private events.Contact us directly to book your beer tasting with lunch or dinner.

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