Nested between the two ranges in the heart of the Caucasus, lies a land of untamed beauty – Georgia, a place where the ancient legends meet the wild, rugged and varying landscapes from semi-desserts to the snow-capped peaks. For those who seek adventure, our country provides a tapestry of discovery, with each region unveiling a new chapter in your journey.

Travel with us to enjoy carefully curated experiences on our tailor-made tours, explore the country just the way you like it, at the pace you enjoy, and the comfort you need. The tours are led by some of the country’s best certified local guides and experts, who, along with sharing their knowledge, experience and emotions, make sure your adventure trip is as safe as it’s fascinating.

The small yet stunning country covering just 69,700 sq. kms offers an amazingly rich biodiversity, varying climates and landscapes. We hike, trek, fly, offroad, or horseback ride everywhere in Georgia, except for the two Russia-occupied breakaway regions of Apkhazeti and Samachablo.

We offroad the arid lands of the Wild Wild East’s dramatic Vashlovani Nature Reserve were you can spot gazelles, explore on horseback the mud volcanoes and soviet reservoir in Chachuna, or the semi-dessert of Davit Gareji home to carved cave monasteries with exceptional murals. We explore the volcanic plateaus of Samtskhe-Javakhakheti dotted with alpine lakes, megalithic structures, cave towns and rocky highlands. The foresty highlands of Adjara down to the subtropical lowlands by the Black Sea with its deciduous rainforests and wetlands, citruses, nuts and tea plantations. Majestic mountain regions on the slopes of the Greater Caucasus, flowerin alpine meadows, strict snowy peaks of Shkhara, Ushba and Kazbeg. The legendary tours of Svaneti, Khevsureti and Tusheti and many more.

While admiring the splendid, wild and untouched, or popular must-see historic sites and places along the road, we stay committed to the sustainable practices, keeping in mind the principles of ecotourism, minimizing environmental impact. And always, wherever possible, we try to weave cultural experiences and as a backbone of every tour we craft at Living Roots, our adventure tours too try to give you a chance to connect with the locals even in the remotest of places. Sharing stories and impressions over the drinks and hearty homemade meals make each adventure all the more emotional and memorable.

At Living Roots, we see travel as a bridge that connects travelers with the essence of a place, with its people, its heritage, and its future. Our tours are a testament to our philosophy – they are journeys that leave lasting memories at their very least, but at their best they leave an indelible mark on your heart, making your Georgia tour not just an unforgettable one, but a transformative experience of a lifetime.