Taste the Culture 

Every bite, every sip, and every moment you spend in Georgia’s embrace will be a delicious memory to cherish.

Join our mouthwatering journey of gastronomic discoveries, savor the finest culinary creations and natural wines with our expert local guides as you relish the flavors and stories of this remarkable food and wine culture. Explore the vibrant capital, indulge in its street food and top restaurants, travel through scenic villages, and enjoy the privilege of being hosted by warm-hearted locals who open their homes and hearts to you, sharing their culture, traditions, and life stories.

Visit farmers’ markets, forage in lush forests, cook nature’s bounty and enjoy around a table. Meet the custodians of vineyards and taste the fruits of their labor right in their homes and cellars. Whether you’re a professional chef, sommelier, a passionate foodie, or a wine enthusiast, our gastronomy tours promise a delectable journey that will leave you craving for more.

Tour Highlights

Vibrant Capital                                    Experiencing Harvest

Scenic Villages                                     Supra – the Georgian Feast

Vineyard & Winery Tours                  Foraging and Cooking 

Qvevri Artisan Visits                           Family Meals & Fine Dining 

Historic Sites                                        Polyphonic Singing

& more…